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Logo the rings Your Universal/Unlimited Phone™ (YUP™), Business Universal/Unlimited Phone™ (BUP™) and tryngle™ are trade names and trademarks of Orkutel. Orkutel is one of the innovators as far as VoIP is concerned and is specialized in the development and implementation of specific solutions for VoIP environments, both for the B2C and B2B markets.

Orkutel offers access to advanced technologies, products and services for it's customers. Today, the success of Orkutel is built on innovation, supplying services and technical support.

To introduce and manage its products and services on a world wide scale, Orkutel has created it's own VoIP platform. Members can utilize the system to receive or make phone calls as long as internet is available in combination with any soft- or hardphone using VoIP protocols such as SIP, VoIP adapters, VoIP gateways, mobile phones, IP phones, etc...

Our latest innovation is tryngle™ which allows tryngle™ users to make global phone calls at local rates with their smartphones via their regular mobile network. The only condition is connection with your mobile network. Internet connection is not needed for tryngle™ to work.

Orkutel believes in transparancy: No hidden clauses, No surpises, No high bills or Unnecessory roaming costs.

Our Mission:

Orkutel provides a global platform which is easily accessible to everyone and removes excessive surcharges for national & international calls.

Our slogan is:

“call Globally, pay Locally”

Logo the rings Furthermore we have made it possible for your friends, relatives or business associates to make calls to you as if you were just local to them. And last but not least this all goes a step further with our tryngle™ app which provides Global calls at Local rates on your smartphone. Phone calls among members are always free of charge.

Users have to top-up to make phone calls to fixed and mobile phones or apply for a plan or postpaid payment.

Orkutel offers its products or services under its own brand name.

Commercial Register of the Local Court: Utrecht
Chamber of Commerce Registration Record: 53177029
OPTA Registration: 942115
OPTA Registration: 942105


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