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3CXPhone for iPhone is a free VoIP Softphone to make VoIP calls via an IP PBX or popular VoIP provider that works with the SIP protocol.

Download 3CXPhone for iPhone


  • Click the download link above or scan the QR-code to be taken to the 3CXPhone for iPhone within the Appstore.
  • Select install
  • The phone will be installed automatically.

How to set up 3CXphone on your iPhone

After you have installed 3CXPhone, you must configure it to use Orkutel as your VoIP provider in order to make and receive calls. Note that 3CX only provides the software, 3CX does not provide any calling services. When you have obtained an account at Orkutel with the Orkutel account settings, you can set up your Orkutel account in 3CXPhone as follows:

  1. Start 3CXPhone by tapping the 3CXPhone icon. The first time you start 3CXPhone, it will automatically prompt you to create a new connection profile. To create a profile manually click on “Create Profile”
  2. Configure your name and authentication information of your Orkutel account
    • Name: Configure a name to identify this account.
    • Display Name: Enter a name here as you wish to be displayed at other Orkutel users phone display.
    • User: Enter the YUP number or user ID (it is also your SIP ID)
    • ID: Enter your Authentication ID which is also your YUP number.
    • Password: Specify your password of your YUP number.
  3. Configure Orkutel Server settings
    • At Use as toggle select with Orkutel SIP Account
    • Skip the Local PBX IP field step.
    • In the “External PBX IP” field, specify the domain name sip.orkutel.com.
    • Specify stun.noc.ams-ix.net as the STUN server name, at the “STUN Server” field.
    • Skip the Proxy field step.
  4. Click DONE to create this connection profile. This new profile will be displayed in the “Profiles” page.


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