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3CXPhone for Windows

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3CXPhone for Windows is a free VoIP Softphone to make VoIP calls via an IP PBX or popular VoIP provider that works with the SIP protocol.

Download 3CXPhone for Windows

Installing and Configuring 3CXPhone for Windows


  • Download the latest 3CXPhone from the link above.
  • Click ‘Run’ to execute setup. Follow the dialogs.
  • The files will be copied. Click Finish to complete installation.
  • Now you will need to create a profile based on your Orkutel account information.

Configuring 3CXPhone for use with Orkutel

After you have installed 3CXPhone for Windows, you must configure it to use Orkutel as your VoIP provider in order to make and receive calls. Note that 3CX only provides the software, 3CX does not provide any calling services. You need to configure 3CXPhone with your Orkutel account as follows:

  1. Start 3CXPhone from the 3CXPhone program group or by double-clicking on the tray icon.
  2. The first time you start 3CXPhone, it will automatically create a new connection profile. Otherwise, click the new button to create a new profile. Enter a name for the connection.

    Configuring with your Orkutel connection

  3. Configure your name and authentication information of your Orkutel account
    • Account Name: Configure a name to identify this account.
    • Caller ID: Enter a name here as you wish to be displayed at other Orkutel users phone display.
    • Extension: Enter your YUP number.
    • ID: Enter your YUP number.
    • Password: Specify your password of your YUP number.
  4. Configure Orkutel Server settings
    • When you connect to Orkutel enable the option “I am out of the Office - external IP”.
    • In the “External PBX IP” field, specify the domain name sip.orkutel.com.
  5. Advanced settings (optional may not be required)
    • Click on the Avanced Settings button.
    • PBX voicemail: *97
    • STUN server: stun.noc.ams-ix.net
    • Check the option Support RFC2833 DTMF
  6. Click OK to create the connection. Once you have logged in successfully, your user name will be shown at the top on the right hand side.


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