Number services

Our various number services, both domestic and international numbers for residential and business use.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of an area independent Dutch business number and you do not want at once a block of one hundred 088 numbers? Then the choice of a 085 business number is your best option.

085 numbers

prices are excl VAT and per month

088 numbers are special numbers for businesses and are also mentioned as "business numbers". 088 numbers are region-independent and thus ideal for businesses that are not bound to a region or businesses that keep offices in several regions.

088 numbers

prices are excl VAT and per month

Orkutel can provide local numbers from over 70 countries. So you can open easily an international subsidiary, without having your regional customers to call abroad. Calls can be delivered on VoIP, regional numbers or numbers abroad.

International numbers

prices are excl VAT and per month

Virtual numbers from over 70 countries


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